How to kill a queer

© 1976 by Tommi Avicolli Mecca


the way to solve the AIDS problem  he said

is to shoot the queers

shoot the queers

in the Middle ages they gathered the women

& tied them to a stake

they lit the fire with the flesh of the queers

when I was growing up they sometimes grabbed

me from behind & dragged me into an alley

you’re gonna die tonight faggot  they’d say

but their fists could not do what I did better

kissing Tony in that dark alley &

so scared I prayed for weeks for forgiveness

I was sure the devil had my soul

when I stopped praying I filled myself

with pills & liquor

sure I was quieting the demons that

raced through my mind

the way to solve the gay problem in

dade county in the late 70s

was to kill a queer for christ

kill a queer for christ

but the way it’s always been done best

is not by tying a queer to a stake

not by lighting a queer’s flesh

not by dragging a queer into an alley

the way to kill a queer

is to tell him he deserves to die

& then wait

for him to do the rest


originally published in Amethyst #6, Summer 1990. This poem was part of several performances in the late 70s, and 80s.